The Ashford Humanities Review offers Ashford students the opportunity to share high quality and original written works in the humanist disciplines in a peer-reviewed and edited publication.  The AHR is currently seeking undergraduate essays that clearly relate and contribute to given subjects or topics across the field of humanities (literature, history, linguistics, music, philosophy, religious studies, foreign languages, art, and art history).

Submissions should be 3-15 pages (excluding title and reference pages) of original, academically appropriate, and researched writing that conforms to current MLA format and citation guidelines.  

The AHR is published annually, in September of each year. Submissions are read year-round.   

All submissions must be received through Submittable. The publication of all manuscripts in the AHR depends upon the final approval of the Faculty Editing Board. Contributors to the AHR will see their work published online and archived indefinitely.

The Ashford Humanities Review recognizes student achievement and fosters the intellectual and personal growth of Ashford students by building skills and values that advance their personal and career development.

We recommend you read through an issue of the AHR before submitting:

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We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.